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Power League

2015 Atlantic Coast Power League Presented by Nike

Presented by Nike

New for the 2015 ACPL

2015 College Showcase

-March 27th and 28th, 2015
-16 Jr. teams, 15 NCAA DI coaches
-Only ACPL members are eligible. Join today!
-More info to follow soon.
-Questions - Call Will at 757-672-1586

2016 ACPL Presented by Nike

Date Event
Jan 2-3 Power League Seeding Tournament
Feb 6 ACPL #1
Mar 19-20 ACPL #2
May 14 ACPL #3
June 4-5 Power League Championships

Using the menu on the left, click on ACPL Schedule for details on which age groups are at which sites for each date.  

All 2016 season registration will be on (you must be a member to register or your registration will not be accepted).

Please read the operating agreement below for more information!

Call Will Stein at 757-672-1586 for any questions

Why join a power league?

Benefits of a Power League
(Adapted from the JVA website)
  • Matched Competition - Successful Power Leagues are structured to maintain a high level of competition throughout the season for all participating teams.  Power Pools are organized to effectively allow teams to play to their level and provide the opportunity to move up or down in pool strength depending on performance.  With the Power Pool structure, the highest seed doesn’t start by playing the lowest seed and the lowest seed has an equal opportunity to play their way into the championship final; every match has meaning.  The competition level is always high, respective to each team, which creates a higher quality, more enjoyable event for all participants.  
  • Core Tournament Schedule - Our Power League will provide the participating teams 6 play dates.  This offers a solid core of events around which to build a club team’s season schedule.  Teams can play the entire season rather than having to “qualify" in order to play in a National Championship. This leaves out any unknowns in the schedule since players, coaches and parents know they will be attending the AAU National Championships in Orlando.
  • Predictability and Quality Time Spent - The season schedule is set well in advance (by October) so parents, players and coaches can plan accordingly.

  • Lower Cost of Travel -  With a set regional schedule you will have less travel time andd less need for hotel stays.  Most tournament sites are within a 5-6 hour drive for all participants.

  • Collaboration of Clubs - Club Directors make the schedules so they have the flexibility to accommodate one another and their teams.  This builds a positive relationship between club directors because by working together to create the Power League schedule, different clubs host each weekend, rather than one club hosting and reaping the benefits.  By sharing the hosting responsibilities, clubs can put their profit right back into their programs and facility operations.  It is a win-win for everyone.